When to Replace Your Gutters
September 13, 2021

It’s likely you don’t think too much about your gutters until they start malfunctioning. The lifespan of gutters varies greatly, so there isn’t an expiration date you should be on the lookout for. However, being aware of some potential problems will help you recognize when it’s time to replace them.

Cracks—You can spot large cracks on a sunny day, but small cracks may only make themselves known while it’s raining. Small cracks can be repaired, but large cracks in multiple areas are a sign you need new gutters.

Peeling paint—If there’s any paint that is bubbling or peeling due to moisture, check the condition of the gutters above. If the peeling is contained to a small area, the gutter just needs repair. But, if peeling is present in various places, the gutters should be replaced.

Sagging or pulling away—If the gutters are sagging, water will pool in that area and spill over the edge, resulting in water damage to the exterior or interior of your home.

Flooded basement—There can be a few different causes for a flooded basement, but when you’re looking for the source of the problem, check the gutters. Water will seep through or pool over cracked or sagging gutters and enter your home.

Mildew & mold—Even if your basement doesn’t flood, faulty gutters can still be letting enough moisture in for mildew and mold to grow. You can likely make a repair, but if the issue persists, you should get the gutters replaced.

Fallen screws—If screws are continuously being found on the ground, repairing them isn’t enough to fix the problem. Screws falling out is a sign that there’s something wrong with the gutter, and they should be replaced.

Regular maintenance is one way to extend the life of your gutters—knowing the condition of your gutters will allow you to catch the bigger problems early on and avoid problems like a flooded basement.

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