Ice Dam Removal

Weathersafe Restoration, Inc. Removes Ice Dams Safely with a Roof Steamer

At Weathersafe, we know through years of experience that ice dam removal steamers are the best tool for removing ice dams. When it comes to professional ice dam removal service, Weathersafe Restoration, Inc. is a name you can always trust.

We offer the following roofing services (and more) for both residential and commercial projects:

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Protect Your Roof From Structural Damage

storm damage

Prevent Water Damage

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We Use a Steamer to Prevent Roof Damage

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Low Pressure Tool is Gentle on Shingles

How We Prevent Ice Dam Roof Damage

To help protect asphalt roofing material, the water temperature in the ice dam removal tool must be hot enough to change the output consistency from harsh water droplets to a gentle, directed cloud of steam. Usually, this change in spray happens around 240°F-250°F. However, that temperature can vary based on elevation, humidity, and outdoor temperature.

Using a specialty steamer, called the Arctic Steamer, our team is equipped with specific accessories to direct steam to effectively and SAFELY melt ice on asphalt roofing material.  Our steamer relies on high temperatures to produce steam and low pressure to ensure the roof is not damaged.

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Why We Never Use Pressure Washers for Ice Dams Removal

Pressure washers, with the pressure turned down or the heat turned up, are not adequate to protect your roof. Pressure from a typical washer nozzle is harsh and can remove the shingle’s granules, which allows the sun’s UV rays to prematurely deteriorate your roofing system.

Damage to shingles from a pressure washer isn’t always immediately evident. In fact, the damage may show up years later when those shingles start curling and are visibly deteriorated. Remember to never remove ice dams from your roof if the machine is equipped with a gun that has a trigger handle and a spray nozzle that is yellow, red, green, or white.

At Weathersafe, our steamers DO NOT have a trigger gun to start and stop them, such as the ones featured on pressure washers. Steamers that use a pressure washer nozzle are NOT effective for ice dams removal.

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Water damage from ice dams can cause significant roof damage and leaks that may require a full roof replacement of your home or office building. To avoid further ice dam roof damage, contact the experts at Weathersafe today for a free estimate!