Commercial Roofing Options
October 13, 2021

In the 25+ years that Weathersafe Restoration has been in business, we’ve only ever used the best materials available so that our customers get the maximum return on their roofing. For commercial jobs, we understand that your business can’t afford an interruption. Our trained professionals get the work done quicky to avoid disruptions and still provide an excellent finished product!

We carry three different roofing options, each with different benefits and materials.

PVC Single-Ply Membrane

This thermoplastic material is strong and durable and is used for flat, low-slope roofs. Roofs with PVC membrane can hold up to 300 pounds per square inch! The seams are heat-welded to form a watertight bond, and these are actually stronger than the thermoplastic material itself. PVC is also energy efficient if the membrane is white as this reflects the energy of the sun rather than absorbing that heat.


Similar to PVC, this material is often used for low-slope roofs. It’s made of ethylene and propylene, creating a durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane. This membrane is also low-cost, but the black color does tend to absorb heat from the sun, driving utility bills up in the summer. However, it’s still extremely sturdy and can withstand the elements, including the snow we’re always getting! It also comes in large sheets, up to 50 feet wide, so the installation can get done quickly.


Ever since their inception in the early 1990s, TPO roofs have been growing in popularity. This is another single-ply membrane and is made out of rubber and synthetics. TPO is welded to the insulation, which serves as great protection for your building. This material comes in light gray and white, which are more efficient than roofs that are only available in black. TPO is similar to the cost of a rubber roof, but the welded seams offer durability. It’s manufactured in sheets up to 20 feet wide, so it takes a bit longer to install than EPDM. However, it can still make for a quick job!

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