Supply Chain Issues in the Roofing Industry
January 12, 2022

Many industries have been impacted by supply chain issues in recent months, and the roofing industry is no exception. Here’s a quick look into why this is happening and what to expect when scheduling roof and siding repairs or replacements.

When the pandemic first hit and many people started working from home, this became the prime time for home renovations. The thought was, if they’re home all day, they might as well get some projects done around the house. Exterior renovations like new siding and roofing became popular, which caused the demand for those materials to go up, whether they chose the DIY route or to hire a contractor. In addition to this, the need for new home construction called for even more materials, which caused prices to skyrocket.

The raw materials needed to make vinyl siding and shingles are also in short supply, so manufacturers have to limit the colors and styles available. So, if you’re looking for a specific siding color, we may not have it at this time. While we can install siding all year round, the color and style you want could take 8 to 12 weeks to arrive. If you want your siding done soon, you may have to compromise on the material and time that it will take to finish the project.

The major takeaway from this is, if you’re planning on exterior renovations in the spring or summer, schedule that now so that we can do our best to get your materials in by the time the project is set to start. Unfortunately, delays may be unavoidable, so flexibility on the timing of the installation is helpful.

For those who just need repairs, don’t wait until they become an emergency, as we may not have the materials at that time. If you know you have roof or siding damage now, call us to schedule that repair so we can get the necessary materials before it becomes an emergency.

Another way to be proactive about the supply chain issues is to leave time between the scheduled installation and when you need the project to be done. For example, if you really need your roofing or siding project done by the end of August, schedule the project a month or two ahead to ensure it gets done on time.

While we can certainly hope that materials become readily available again soon, that likely isn’t the case. By getting in touch with us now about your exterior project, we’ll have the time to get the materials before the repairs or installation is scheduled to begin.

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