Taking Roof Inspections to the Next Level with IMGING
November 17, 2021

Drones have become increasingly popular for both commercial and residential roof inspections. We use drones for our inspections in order to save time and manpower—the thermal imaging feature allows us to get a better look at roof issues that can’t be seen with the human eye.

Technology is always changing and getting better and faster, which is the case with IMGING. This system truly takes roof inspections to the next level! IMGING can:• Increase close rates due to accurate bids

  • Inspect roofs in as little as five minutes
  • Use unbiased artificial intelligence to highlight damages
  • View measurements on-site
  • Share exportable data, eliminating the need for an insurance claims adjuster to come to the site
  • Explore a 3D model of the home or business
  • Provide dynamic measurements of any section of the property, including slope and elevation

Whether you need a drone for inspecting storm damage or for a residential/commercial roof inspection before selling, the IMGING software can get it done quickly. Saving time is always a bonus, but with IMGING, you aren’t compromising quality.

Drone data can be confusing for those who aren’t familiar with it, but the data we extract from the IMGING system is meant to be clear and concise. We can create inspection reports for both you and the insurance claim adjusters to understand.

According to the Loveland Innovations, the creator of this software, “carriers are using IMGING to settle 93% of claims without getting on a roof.” And, with this software, we can create rough bids on-site. This software completely removes the need for the insurance adjuster to come out to your home or business to inspect the roof! And, as always, we’ll work with your insurance company to help you receive a fair settlement for damages.

IMGING’s technology is precise, easy-to-use, and a huge saver of time! This, paired with our existing thermal imaging features, makes for extremely accurate bids and repair plans.
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