The Benefits of Using Drones for Roof Inspections
May 16, 2022

There are various benefits to using drone technology in the roofing industry. They’re great for capturing before/after images or video, but they’re also an excellent tool in conducting roof inspections. In recent years, roofing companies have started to use drones for roof inspections on commercial buildings and residential homes, and here’s why:

Safety & Accessibility

Without drones, until you get up onto the roof, there’s no knowing what the current state of it is. Defects and damaged areas can cause injury to workers, along with the fact that many commercial roofs are hard to access due to height or a steep slope. And of course, there is always the danger of falling if someone gets too close to the edge. Drones keep everyone safe on the ground and out of harm’s way. Also, drones can inspect the areas of your roof that aren’t accessible, and if you’ve always been doing the old-fashioned inspections, there could be damages in that area that have been unseen and neglected.

Convenience & Time

Roof inspections can seem like a hassle when imagining an entire crew being on your site with all of their equipment. But by using drones, property managers or owners don’t have to worry about any disruptions that may occur from having workers on the roof for hours. Thanks to drones, the time that it takes to set up equipment to get up and down from the roof is eliminated. In addition, drones can execute the inspection much faster than a person can, getting you the results quickly.

Accurate Data

There are some issues with roofs that can’t be seen easily with the human eye. Thermal and optical imaging can show areas of improper insulation or moisture buildup, and drones can also gather exact measurements of the roof. The cameras also take high-quality videos and photos so you can see exactly where the issues are. And because humans aren’t perfect, an inspector who does an in-person inspection may not see a damaged area, costing you more money later on to get it fixed.

Drones give the most accurate data and ensure that all areas of your roof have been properly inspected. If you’re a property manager or owner and have been putting off a roof inspection because of concerns about time and disruptions, give us a call!

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