The Benefits of New Siding
May 19, 2021

Besides protecting your home against the elements, siding defines your home’s exterior style. As time passes, your home’s siding can become worn out or damaged, making it important to replace or upgrade your siding material. Most manufacturers recommend replacing siding after 15 years.

Whether you need to upgrade your siding due to damage or you simply want a new look, here are a few benefits that accompany new siding:

Boost your home’s property value

While new siding can be an investment, it comes with a sizeable return. Whether you are planning to sell your home in the future or not, replacing or upgrading your siding increases your home’s value.

Enhance curb appeal

New siding dramatically boosts curb appeal by making your home look well-maintained and modern. Replacing your siding is a relatively simple way to completely alter the style and look of your home without having to change much else.

Improve energy efficiency

In addition to improving curb appeal, choosing a lighter color for your siding not only brightens your home but also helps avoid attracting the sun’s heat; ultimately, this will reduce utility bills. Upgrading old insulation also benefits the home and energy bill once winter rolls around.

Ensure structural integrity

Aging or damaged siding can allow water to seep into your home, and this moisture can cause wood to rot. When you hire Weathersafe Restoration to replace your home’s siding, we will repair any structural damage that may be hiding under your old siding.

A leader in residential siding replacement and repair, Weathersafe Restoration, Inc. offers superior siding solutions for both home and business owners. Our siding company uses only the highest quality materials in the market today.

With so many different products and possibilities to choose from, we will personally meet with you to discuss your options and budget, so you feel confident about your decision. Our team of professionals will ensure you are always well-informed of all possible aspects before moving forward. Give us a call today!

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