The Benefits of Upgrading Your Siding
April 13, 2022

Is it time for a new exterior look? Or maybe your home is older, and you’re in need of new siding. No matter the reason, when you’re ready to upgrade your home’s exterior, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your budget and options. If you’re wondering when and why you should upgrade your siding, the answer can depend on a few factors, like the age of your home or the quality of your current material. Here are a few benefits to upgrading your siding:

It’s higher quality.

New siding is built to last forever! Many of our manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty—if this is a key factor in choosing to upgrade, we’ll talk with you about which brands offer lifetime warranties. New exterior materials are more durable, which is a concern for homeowners in Minnesota due to our unpredictable weather.

It’s cost effective.

For older homes, or homes that haven’t had exterior renovations in many years, the siding can develop small cracks and openings over time. This can be from storm damage, but it can also be caused by expanding and retracting from the seasons and temperature changes. This lets the cold/warm air out of your home, driving up energy bills. You can always get the exterior repaired, but the cost starts to add up after several repairs. In the long run, it’s best to install new siding that is built to withstand the elements.

It boosts curb appeal.

If you’re not happy with the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, new siding could be the solution. Whether you want authentic wood grain or a bold vinyl color, this upgrade can completely change the appearance of your home. If you’re planning on selling your home in a couple of years, exterior renovations can increase your home’s value.

There may be damages underneath your siding.

If your siding has sustained damage in the past, or you’ve dealt with leakage from the roof, there could be water damage and mold underneath. If this goes untreated, it can cause damage to the structure of your home. By replacing your siding, we’ll be able to find any issues underneath it.

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