4 Types of Storm Damage
July 20, 2021

After a storm, it can be hard to inspect the exterior of your home for any damage if you don’t know what to look for. Knowing what types of damages occur from storms can help you know when you need repairs. Here are the most common types:


Because wind doesn’t hit a roof uniformly, seemingly random patches of shingles could be missing, peeling, or cracked. After high winds, check your roof or call the experts to do an inspection. You could also check for any water damage in the house; if the wind was caused by a rainstorm, rainwater can leak into your ceiling through missing shingles.


Damage from hail affects both your roof and siding. Siding damage tends to be more obvious, but roof damage is almost impossible to tell from standing on the ground. Roof damage will show itself in small dark spots where the granules have been knocked away. Weathersafe Restoration’s monitoring system will let you know if other properties in your area have sustained hail damage, so you’ll know if you should schedule an inspection.


Rain entering your home can have long-lasting effects; mold can begin growing in as fast as 24 hours if the area isn’t dried properly. This is especially difficult to avoid if you’re dealing with flooding. Drywall and furniture can get damaged within the first few hours as well. Call the experts at Weathersafe Restoration to inspect your siding and roof to spot areas of concern, and be sure to get in contact with a mold specialist for an inspection or remediation.

Tree/Impact damage

Whether it’s a large tree or just its branches, the impact of a heavy object landing on your roof will certainly damage it. With branches, their leaves can clog your gutters and scratch shingles. Trees, however, can smash through windows and cause your roof to collapse.

Weathersafe Restoration has been repairing storm damaged homes for over 25 years and has the knowledge needed to fix your home and help file an insurance claim.

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