Effects of Mild Winds and Heavy Rainfall on Your Roof
April 7, 2021

As April showers continue to drench Minnesota, it’s important to recognize the impact heavy rainfall can have on the integrity of your roof. While most people associate storm damage with hail and strong winds, frequent heavy rainfall with even mild winds can have notable effects as well. Oftentimes the damage goes unnoticed, which causes problems to intensify over time.

Wondering if your roof has been damaged by the recent heavy rainfall? Here are a few things to look for:


Constant rain puts stress on your roof’s shingles, which can eventually curl up or become dislodged. The compromised shingles can then create bare spots on your roof where rain and water are able to seep in and cause damage.


Noticing stains on ceilings or walls within your home? This could be an indicator of water invasion from a storm damaged roof.

Wood rot and mold

Most roofs utilize flashing, a roofing material that prevents water from invading your roof’s joints. Aging or incorrectly installed flashing could cause your roof to become compromised during heavy rainfall. This frequent exposure to moisture can cause your home’s structural wood to rot or grow mold.

Storm damage can be difficult to properly and safely assess without a professional. With the recent rain, it’s important to get your roof checked sooner rather than later. Weathersafe Restoration is here to help. Give us a call to schedule your inspection today!

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