Winter Storm Damage and What to Look For
February 16, 2022

People tend to think of storm damage as something that only happens during the warmer months—unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Winter storms can actually cause quite a lot of damage to your home depending on the severity. After a storm, look for these types of damages:

Loose/split shingles. High winds and ice can cause loose, missing, or split shingles. If you aren’t able to get onto your roof, it will be difficult to know if you have damage, so the best thing to do is call a professional. We’ll inspect your roof and let you know about any damages and what should be done to repair or replace the shingles.

Broken/dented gutters. Ice and heavy snow can dent or bend your gutters. Damage to the gutters can actually be an indication that the roof has damage as well—if there are dings in any part of the gutters after a snowstorm, it’s likely your roof has the same issues.

Cracked windows. Ice can chip and crack your windows, along with the trim around them. Damage to the actual glass is obvious and is something that needs to get fixed as soon as possible to stop cold air or snow from entering the home.

Interior water damage. If you see water damage on the ceiling, that’s a classic sign that there’s something wrong with the roof. Damage on the walls can also be a sign of siding and gutter damage as well, but wherever the damage is, call a roofing expert to come check it out and find what’s causing the leak.

Ice dams. After a storm, and especially once the temperatures are above freezing, the frozen water at the edge of your roof blocks the snow and water behind it from draining through the gutters. This also causes interior water damage, but ice dams are easy to see, rather than damages to the roof.

Missing pieces of siding. Just like with hail in the summer, an ice storm can take chunks of your siding off and severely dent it. Thankfully, this damage is visible from the ground, but it isn’t always reachable. We repair and replace siding year-round, so give us a call if your siding has sustained damages.

Another way of finding out if you have damages from a winter storm is to talk to your neighbors. If they have damage, it’s likely that you do as well. If you suspect or see damages, don’t hesitate to reach out. Weathersafe Restoration are the roofing experts of the Twin Cities and St. Croix Valley!

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