Does Home Insurance Cover Window Repair?
February 2, 2021
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Rogue baseballs. Crazy storms. Extreme temperature changes. No matter how well you take care of your windows, it’s not uncommon for outside forces to impair or break them in some way.

When that happens, you need someone you can trust – and calling your insurance provider is usually the first step. But how often do they actually cover the cost of a new window?

When Does Home Insurance Cover Window Repair?

The easiest way to answer this question is to ask your insurance agent or check your policy documents, both of which will give an answer specific to your situation. However, there are typically some standard coverages that can be expected, and there are several requirements that need to be hit in order for your insurance company to pay for window repair or replacement.

Here’s when insurance will cover your windows:

When it’s covered by your policy…

Typical home insurance covers vandalism, hail, fire, theft and wind, but it doesn’t typically cover wear and tear or any issues from the windows becoming old or weathered – that’s why it’s important to do a window repair or window replacement as soon as you see anything abnormal or as soon as they are not performing as optimally as intended. In addition, home insurance doesn’t usually cover accidental breakage, like those rogue baseballs we mentioned.

…and when it’s expensive enough to surpass your deductible…

Home insurance is designed to cover big home issues and not small repairs, which would take up a lot of time and paperwork. That’s why they have deductibles, which is a dollar amount that you have to pay before the insurance will kick in any money. If your window repair or replacement is lower than your deductible, you’ll need to pay for the repair directly. If it is more than your deductible, you still have to pay the deductible amount, but the insurance company will pay the rest.

…and when you pay whatever is over your coverage limit

Each part of your policy also has a “coverage limit,” which is the maximum amount your insurance will pay for a specific claim. You’ll have to cover any costs that exceed that amount.

When You Need New Window Installation 

Windows are a costly investment, and when it’s time to have them replaced, it’s vital to hire someone who will ensure the job gets done on time, on budget, and with the best products and materials.

Weathersafe Restoration has served the home window installation and replacement needs of our customers since 1994. Our experience and dedication to quality has made us the experts to call.

Need Insurance Claim Assistance?

At Weathersafe Restoration, we’ve been in the business of assessing storm damage of homes and businesses for many years, as well as helping our customers complete the full restoration of their properties with integrity, excellence, and value. We can help navigate the world of insurance and help you get your window replacement done quickly and easily. Call us today!

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