Preparing Your Windows for a Twin Cities Winter
October 29, 2020

Well, it happened. We just had our first snowfall of the season, and while the powdery goodness may have already melted away, it’s a stark reminder that a Minnesota winter doesn’t wait until you’re ready for it to appear.

We all want our homes to be warm, cozy, and inviting during the freezing months, but if your windows are cracked or drafty, you’re going to be spending all your money on heating bills. So, what can you do to avoid this? We’ll walk you through how to start preparing your windows for winter.

Why Should I Winterize My Windows?

About a third of home heat is lost through doors or windows, which can increase costs, make your furnace work extra hard, and even harm the environment.

The good news is that there are several easy tasks you can tackle now to help seal your house more thoroughly and avoid the drafts that cause future issues.

Covering windows fully with curtains or shades are a nice start, and doing so with window film that covers the entire window on all sides is even better. You can also add decorative “draft stoppers” (stuffed pieces of fabric) along windowsills to stop the cold from entering that way, too.

The most important step is to ensure that your windows are properly sealed. Seals around the edges of windows tend to crack or wear down over time, particularly in places like Minnesota that have extreme weather changes.

This happens so much, in fact, that the Natural Resources Defense Council says that the average American home has enough gaps to create a 3’ by 3’ hole in the wall! Caulk or weather stripping along window panes and window edges can help avoid unnecessary heat loss through these gaps.

Signs that Window Replacement or Window Repair May Be Needed

If you’ve tried some of the tips above and are still feeling drafts or having high heating bills, it may be time to check if your windows need repair or replacement. Here are more solutions that may help:

  • If winterizing didn’t fully fix your drafts, consider adding a storm window as well, which you can swap out for a screen when summer returns.
  • If you’ve noticed any cracks or broken glass, it’s best to get the panes replaced.
  • If you have really old windows, try replacing them with Energy Star–certified ones. It’s estimated that this can reduce your heating bills up to 12 percent!

Call the Window Repair Specialists

Feeling a cold draft? Remember, the time to tackle your window issues is now, not later. At Weathersafe, we specialize in window repair and window replacement services in the Twin Cities metro, and we would love to help you in preparing your windows for winter.

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